Hurrah for Cow Muck!

Cow muck is THE essential ingredient for our big pumpkins and giant vegetables.

Cow muck - the essential ingredient for Giant Pumpkins!
The 2016 delivery of cow muck. An essential input for BIG pumpkins!

The delivery of the cow muck always heralds the start of a new growing season. We work one year ahead so this muck heap will be piled up and left to rot for use next year.

The muck pile from last year has now been spread and left to overwinter on the growing beds.


Sourdough Course

Having already completed the Artisan Foodworks ‘Basic Breadmaking’ course at some time ago, the ‘Mastering Sourdough’ course was a natural follow on.

David and Julie were again the perfect hosts and the gang of eager students were a good bunch.

My haul of my own handcrafted sourdough bread made on the day was impressive:

Making Sourdough Course
Making Sourdough Course

For a novice it is an awful lot to take in but having spent a few hours re-reading the course notes and watching youtube tutorials it is now all fitting into place.

David sent us all away with a cup of his treasured sourdough starter which I have been nurturing carefully.

Flying solo, I have now proudly produced my own sourdough pizza base and a couple of wholemeal loaves and am slowly gaining a bit more confidence.

At present I am minimising variables and using the electric oven but with a view to having a go in the wood fired oven very soon. All good fun!