Harvesting Holly

As a rule of thumb, we only like to start cutting Holly 1st December but the way the calendar falls this year means we need to start a few days early so that customers can have wreaths made up for the first weekend in December.

We have our own holly plantation which is cut in a 3 year rotation so, with two thirds of the plantation left untouched in any one year, disruption to habitat is minimised.

Due to the drought, variagated holly was an outright disaster with most leaves being tinged brown. In contrast the plain green holly is some of the best ever.


2018 Hedge Planting

Our 2018 hedge plants have arrived so it is crucial to get them planted as fast as possible to give the transplants the very best chance of survival.

Our 2018 hedge plants have arrived
Our 2018 hedge plants have arrived

The plants arrived at 2pm and were all ‘heeled in’ by 5pm in an ‘on site’ trench where they will remain until removed for planting out in their final position. These were bough as 40-60cm plants but are nearer 40″ – 60″. The Brexit effect perhaps? Either way they look very healthy and should establish themselves quickly.

Distributing tree guards and canes
Distributing tree guards and canes

The planting will create some new hedgerows along boundaries  created by the separation of the traditional farm from the land and also restore a good length of historical hedging that was removed around 70 years ago.

Update 8th December

Rain or shine planting has us 80% finished! 

New boundary hedge

Still a few plants to go but getting there

Hedge planting winter 2018
Heeled in bundles of hedging awaiting planting

Chilli harvest and Autumn tidy up

Now that all our pumpkins have gone (see www.BigPumpkins.co.uk) it’s the quiet time before the wreath making season begins so time to clear out the debris from the poly tunnels, then wash and disinfect everything ready for spring.

There are a few productive tomato plants left but all the rest are on the compost heap. Today we picked the remaining peppers of the Thunder Mountain and Jalapeno chilli plants.

Even the shed has had a tidy up. Everything seems to expand to cover any available floorspace so a determined effort is needed to put everything back where it should be in order to make some room for the Danish trolleys needed for our www.Christmas-Wreath.co.uk wreath collections.

In quieter moments it is also time to do the field plans for next year (what crop goes where) and order seeds. The first of the bought in specialist culinary pumpkin seeds arrived this week and we started drying our own pumpkin seeds as well. All of a sudden 2019 doesn’t seem that long off.