Harvest Wreath Success!

First prize at the Hesketh Bank Village Show for my ‘Harvest Circle’ creation. I’ve never done any flower arranging before but I couldn’t miss out on the chance to include logs, pumpkins and wreaths so very pleased with coming first!

'Harvest Ring' on a log slice base
‘Harvest Ring’ on a log slice base

Slices of our home grown Silver Birch made up  the base with a simple squash centrepiece with a pine cone, barley, cotoneaster and ivy decorations.


Fresh wreath making has started!

The first lorry load of Spruce has arrived from Scotland and production of our orders is underway.

The first 2016 order is now complete; 30 spruce wreaths and 250 grave pots for a customer in Bolton. One down…. many more to go.

Decorated spruce grave pots
Decorated spruce grave pots

We only start Holly wreaths 1st December so at least we have a couple of weeks before having to work in welding gloves!

More information on our fresh wreaths can be found on www.Christmas-Wreath.co.uk


Green wire wreath bases

Not much ever happens by way of innovation in the world of wire wreath bases but these new green plastic coated frames are causing a bit of a stir amongst the trade.

They are only slightly cheaper than the more traditional copper finish but for some who ‘hide’ the base feel that may now be an unnecessary operation and using these could save time and money when making up a wreath.

Green plastic coated wreath rings
Green plastic coated wreath rings

We have stock in sizes of 10″, 12″ and 14″ diameters ready to ship (sorry UK only).

Order from http://wreathsupplies.co.uk/wirerings.html


Valentines 2016

Just as we have nearly finished restocking after the Christmas rush on wreath supplies it is all systems go getting all the orders for wire heart frames and heart shaped padded wreath bases on their way.

Copper coated metal wire heart frames
Heart shaped wire frames

The Berisford ‘Hearts and Kisses’ and the cross stitch ‘Love’ design will no doubt again prove to be a very popular choice for adorning Valentine gifts or for hanging hand made crafts.

Berisford 'Natural Charms' Valentines Ribbon
Berisford ‘Natural Charms’ Ribbon

Please see www.WreathSupplies.co.uk and www.Christmas-Wreath.co.uk for more details.


Harvesting Basket Making Willow

Having packed away the fresh wreath making ‘production line’ for another year our next job is to get our home grown willow rods cut and into storage for processing as willow whip tips for floristry, straight sticks for crafts and little log bundles for picks to decorate next year’s wreaths. These items are sold all year round on our Wreath Supplies website.

Harvesting basket making willow
Freshly cut rods of willow for basket making, crafts and sculptures

After Christmas we start harvesting the willow to fulfill any orders for full length willow rods received.  Don’t worry if you haven’t ordered as there usually is a surplus and the rods are available to buy for willow weaving, basketry and sculptures at just 20p each.

In response to those people who want to create their own products from scratch we do allow people to select and cut their own willow rods directly from the field. This is priced at £30 an hour (or part thereof) for the first cutter and £10 an hour for each additional cutter in the same party. All the willow you cut is yours to take away at no additional cost.

Fresh willow is available January to March by appointment. Ring Mark on 07834 324080 for more details.


Brown Jute String

Just arrived and unpacked this afternoon… 500g bundles of four ply natural jute twine. Ideal for crafts and around the house and garden, these big brown balls of string have been much requested but we have struggled to find a quality we are happy with. Worth the wait we hope!

Natural brown jute twine
Natural brown jute twine

We will get them loaded onto the shopping cart ASAP so keep an eye on http://wreathsupplies.co.uk/string_raffia.html 


Ever changing seasons

Well that’s the pumpkins done for another year.

It is always a bit sad removing all the unsold pumpkins but it needs to be done and it is nice to get the space back in the yard. Unlike the pumpkins, the unsold winter squashes will ‘keep’ and provide us with some welcome vegetables throughout the coming winter months and provide the seeds for next year’s crop of the heritage varieties.

Tipping unsold pumpkins
Tipping unsold pumpkins

Just like the pumpkin patch fields, I will also need to tidy up the Big Pumpkins website and prepare it for the next season. At least you don’t get wet and cold doing the website.

The orders for wreath making supplies and freshly made Christmas wreaths are ramping up fast now and will peak during November. No rest for the wicked!


Alternative Wire Heart Frame Now In Stock

We took delivery of our new heart frame stock this afternoon. The ‘dumpy’ heart shape of these new wire frames make it slightly easier to binding foliage to them. It will be interesting to hear from our customers who use them for fabric crafts as to what they think of them. All feedback very welcome.

They are made from a slightly thinner gauge of wire but are well made and offer a good saving over the standard ‘Oasis’ frames we have stocked for some time.

Visit www.WreathSupplies.co.uk to see the full range.

New wire heart frame for wreaths and crafts arrived
New heart frame now in stock