Make a twig star decoration


Make a rustic willow twig star decoration

Twig stars are easy to make and, with appropriate supervision, are a craft project suitable for a wide range of ages. The stars can be used as a decoration or as a rustic wreath base.

Twig stars can be scaled up to make magnificent shop window displays or scaled down to make a small decoration for hanging on a Christmas tree.

The star pictured here is for use as feature wall hanging so we have used twenty 60cm (2ft) willow sticks of around 8mm – 10mm diameter, florists stubbing wire, rustic string and some basic tools.

Willow sticks to make star decoration

The twigs are then grouped into five bunches of four sticks and wired together using florists stubbing wire. You can vary the amount of sticks in each bundle to suit the diameter of the twigs and the overall size of the star you are creating.

Wire bundles of 4 willow sticks together

Trim off the stubbing wire tails and, to avoid any sharp edges protruding, fold back the twisted wire tail into a gap between the stick.

Trim off the stubbing wire tails

Next, just lay out the star paying attention to the ‘weave’ i.e. which length goes under and which goes over the other. I don’t know why this step is so difficult but it always seems to take more thinking about than it should so don’t worry if you need a couple of attempts.

Lay out the twigs to form the star shape

Wire together the ends of the two bundles of sticks at each of the star points.

Join together twig bundles at each of the star points

If the star is to be used as a base for further decoration or a wreath then you have finished but if you want it to be a stand alone decoration then you can cover up the stubbing wire using some rustic twine or bind over it with some fine willow whips.

Finish by wrapping the stubbing wire with rustic twine and are part of our ‘Rustical’ endevours.


Rustic wooden tea light holders

Today’s little ‘make’ was a set of tea light holders which were made from Alder that we have grown ourselves from seed. The trees are coppiced regularly to provide wood for crafts or wood chunks.

The pictured three pieces were commissioned for use as a table decoration in a festive photoshoot for a magazine, hence the (red) candles being placed straight into the wood.

Rustic wood tea light holders
Rustic wood tea light holders

For use in the real world rather than a studio, we would always advocate having a heatproof separation between the candle and the wood such as a small glass holder or jam jar.

For this shoot, the designer will be creating a Christmas table decoration, dressing them with holly, spruce, berries and pine cones but I think the great finish of the bark makes them a really nice touch for any rustic event.


Surplus Veg

Even though we are nearing the end of July, the sun has not done much shining, whilst it is relatively early in the growing season yet we have more than enough home grown vegetables to warrant a real treat of mediterranean style rustic roast vegetables (with a sneaky little sweetcorn starter while we are waiting).

Roughly chopped onion, courgette, tomato and garlic with rosemary, sea salt, ground black pepper and a good slug of extra virgin olive oil and a splash of good quality balsamic.

40mins at 200 degrees. Mmmm. Could only be bettered if done in a wood fired oven!

Home grown sweetcorn
Freshly picked sweetcorn
Mediterranean Roast Vegetables
Mediterranean Roast Vegetables
Freshly cocked sweetcorn
Freshly cooked home grown sweetcorn
Rustic roasted vegetables
Mediterranean style roasted vegetables



BBQ Champ early warning

‘BBQ Champ’ starting soon on ITV

The trailers have been on TV for a while now pushing Myleene Klass hosting “BBQ Champ”, a brand new five part ITV series for the Summer where a team of ten contenders compete against each other to become the first BBQ Champ. “Each week, our contenders will prove themselves in challenges that will sort the BBQ champs from the BBQ chumps.” says the PR but what has this to do with ?

Well before it has even started we have noticed a surge in orders for Wood Chunks; the small lumps of wood burnt in smokers to flavour meats, fish, cheese and vegetables.

It might well be co-incidence but a little bird has told me today that the format of the show will include smokers as well as BBQs.

Unfortunately there is not that much that can be done about our stock levels as it takes such a long time to season the wood chunks.

We might get a few new customers off the back of the show but, when it is gone, its gone.

See for more info.

Seasoned wood chunks for use in a Smoker



Jacky’s 50th Birthday Picnic

A lovely evening celebrating Jacky’s 50th Birthday at at Coed Cae  in Snowdonia, Wales . Stunning views of sunset down the Mawddach Estuary with a camp fire and a few scoops.