Hazel wood chunks for smoking food

Any Hazel wood we remove from our coppice that cannot be used for walking stick shanks or other woodland crafts gets cut up into ‘Wood Chunks‘ which get used in smokers and BBQ’s for flavouring meats, fish and cheeses.

All our hazel is coppiced with a hand saw so has not been contaminated with chainsaw oil. It is processed through a ‘chunker’ where two blades come together and crimp the wood into short lengths.  The bins of wood chunks are then tipped out and spread in large plastic trays. The trays allow for really good air circulation even when stacked high.

Drying Hazel wood chunks in trays
Drying Hazel wood chunks in trays

Along with most nut woods (The fruit of the Hazel (Corylus) is the hazelnut, also known as cobnut or filbert nut), Hazel is a favourite wood used for smoking food as it produces a strong, fragrant smoke.

It is often used in the UK as an alternative when a recipe calls for Hickory. We sell our Hazel wood chunks direct from the farm gate or mail order via www.WoodChunks.co.uk


BBQ Champ early warning

‘BBQ Champ’ starting soon on ITV

The trailers have been on TV for a while now pushing Myleene Klass hosting “BBQ Champ”, a brand new five part ITV series for the Summer where a team of ten contenders compete against each other to become the first BBQ Champ. “Each week, our contenders will prove themselves in challenges that will sort the BBQ champs from the BBQ chumps.” says the PR but what has this to do with Rustical.co.uk ?

Well before it has even started we have noticed a surge in orders for Wood Chunks; the small lumps of wood burnt in smokers to flavour meats, fish, cheese and vegetables.

It might well be co-incidence but a little bird has told me today that the format of the show will include smokers as well as BBQs.

Unfortunately there is not that much that can be done about our stock levels as it takes such a long time to season the wood chunks.

We might get a few new customers off the back of the show but, when it is gone, its gone.

See www.WoodChunks.co.uk for more info.

Seasoned wood chunks for use in a Smoker