2018 hybrid Willow SRC harvest

Willow sticks loaded into the back of the car

A dry day (at last) allowed a late afternoon walk through a row of hybrid willow short rotation coppice (SRC) to hand cut poles of 7cm dia or more for processing into wood chunks to be used as fuel in BBQ’s, wood fired Pizza Ovens, Wood boilers wood burners. Whilst a mechanical harvest is much faster,… Continue reading 2018 hybrid Willow SRC harvest

Growing Firewood – 2017 Update

February 2017 Our annual update on the progress of our firewood growing trials. All have made very good progress but the Eucalyptus seems to be doing the best at the year 3 point. The hybrid willow would normally be harvested now and it is a perfect size for making wood chunks. August 2017 I’m beginning… Continue reading Growing Firewood – 2017 Update